Connected Through Song…

No matter where you are in the world, when you have a baby they only need a few things.  Those things do not change depending on where you live or what culture they were born into.  Food, Love, to be kept safe and interaction with other people.  Food and safety pretty much speak for themselves, of course a baby needs nourishment, and to be kept free from harm.  Love and interaction are what I want to speak of today.

How we love our children has an impact on how they develop.  As a Mom, as soon as I had my first born something changed inside of me. And the first thing I have a memory of doing with my son was singing to him.  Singing came naturally, I didn’t think about it, I didn’t plan it out.  I didn’t have  a play list ready for him at his birth…the songs came from me.  Songs that have been around for much longer than I have.

I’m not the only mom who sings to their baby.  Likely you have sung to yours too.  In the middle of they night when they were having trouble sleeping.  While rocking in the chair feeding.  Singing is one of the first ways we have to teach our children.  It is a first form of play.

Around the world mother’s do the same thing.  Their babies need consoling, nurturing…and the first thing that happens…momma begins to sing.  Babies know the voice of their mother…they spent near ten months listening to her from inside.  So when mom speaks, reads or sings, it can have a natural calming effect on baby.  Security, safety.  Mom has me.

As children get older, those songs they learn from mom becomes their words.  As mom sings, little ones pick up this word and that, and ads his part to the song.  They learn the important words, like ‘star’ from Twinkle Twinkle, and ‘eieio’ from Old MacDonald.  They learn when to sing them, and where to put them in.  Over time they eventually begin singing it themselves, sometimes missing a few words here and there, often adding words that don’t belong to get a reaction, a smile.

Though the songs may be different, tribal, religious or nursery rhymes, the effect is still the same.  So mama, next time you want to sing to your baby but feel embarrassed someone might hear you…don’t be.  A mother’s voice is always beautiful.