Five Ways You Can Train Your Children to Be Charitable

You do not have to be a millionaire for you to give. Even if you have few resources, you can still be charitable. If you need budgeting or financial advise, visit or As a parent, if you believe in philanthropy, it is important to train your children to give whole heartedly to children’s charities, disability charities and other kinds of donations. A famous quote goes ‘Teach your children values such that when they grow, they will not depart from them.’ Charitably raising your kids pays off in the end; since it helps them to fit well in the society and they can pass on the value to future generations.

Just like any other parenting skill, instilling the value of charity in kids is not easy. The strategies outlined below will be of great help while you are at it.

1. Help neighbors
Engage in service oriented projects regularly such as monthly donation initiatives. You can rake the yard of the elderly couple next door. Try baking cookies for the service people and ensure you involve your children. You can also ask them to give up a few toys as charityy gifts for the children’s home near our home.

2. Donate clothes
Periodically go through closets taking out clothes you have not worn for a while. Teach the children to do the same. You can then take these clothes to the homeless family in your neighborhood or give them to a charity organization for distribution. Avoid choosing what they should give on their behalf. Instead, allow them to decide so that they can learn the value of charity giving. You can opt to donate monthly, yearly or any other interval, so long as it is regular.

3. Deliver food
You can buy food baskets during the holiday season. Involve your children by allowing them to select foodstuffs to be put in the basket for charitable giving. While at it, you can train them on how to partake a balanced diet by guiding them on how to select the food.

4. Help the elderly
Besides children’s charities, you can also teach your kids to give to the elders. A home for the elderly would be ideal to visit, but there are also other options you can go for. For instance, ask your kids to help you mow the grass at an elderly couple’s backyard. You can also allow them to wash the car for grandma and grandpa or assist them to plant flowers.

5. Make their birthdays charitable
Include charitable giving in your children’s’ birthday parties. You can buy a book alongside their school party’s goodies and ask them to give it to a child who lacks the book in their school. Explain that one way of celebrating the happy days in our lives is by giving to the needy. You can record a video or take photos of them as they give out the donation, and revisit these memories during future birthdays. More helpful information can be found at Christian Blind Mission.