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When I had the chance to visit the Fisher-Price headquarters (East Aurora, New York), I was invited to a special presentation on beat induction and how Fisher-Price is now incorporating it into some of their musical toys. It was a lesson in the science of play and the research and development of fun.

So what is beat induction? Natural, instinctual, movement of a person to a specific beat of music. For example, my son moving his head from side-to-side when he bats the roller of his Stand-Up Ballcano and the music starts. I didn’t teach him to move his head to the music. He is actively listening for the start and stop of the music. He does it on his own. The scientific term is “beat induction“…Mom term is “He’s having

Fisher-Price really goes deep when it comes to integrating a new action into their toys. They researched music, cognitive development, and types of music worldwide.

The action, lights and sounds of the Ballcano help my son learn cause and effect. When he bats the roller – the balls move up – lights flash – music plays – the balls cascade down the Ballcano. It prolongs his play because each new cause grabs his attention.

I had never considered how much influence a beat has on a baby. I suppose, right now in everyday play, we are building his appreciation of music.

Not to say he’ll be the next Bono or Beethoven but I think an appreciation of music is important in life. Music brings cultures together. It de-stresses. It entertains.

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My visit to the Fisher-Price headquarters solidified my loyalty to their toys. The study they put into education, entertainment and safety is beyond what I ever expected. Which is why, when the subject of toys comes up between friends & family, I am a die-hard-Fisher-Price-Mama. Fisher-Price is truly unequaled in creating toys for kids.

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