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Carla Baby Music With A Beat

When I had the chance to visit the Fisher-Price headquarters (East Aurora, New York), I was invited to a special presentation on beat induction and how Fisher-Price is now incorporating it into some of their musical toys. It was a lesson in the science of play and the research and development of fun. So what is […]

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Carla Tips For Cruising With Kids!

My husband and I have been ‘cruisers’ for more than 10 years.  In that time we have had the pleasure of sailing on more than 16 ships with 5 cruiselines. Even though I would consider us experienced, sailing with kids adds a different level of challenges.   From the planning, to the packing and the […]

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Carla I’m the King of the World! #FisherPriceonRoyal

I very seldom hand over the reigns to my blog, but when my 4-year-old son Ryder requested to guest blog on my site, I just couldn’t resist. Long time readers will remember the last time he did so – over two years ago – with his piece, “Big Brother Blues“. This time, the subject matter […]

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Carla Holiday Fun with Fisher Price

I know it seems like Halloween just happened.  Like it was just time for Back To School.  But in just a few short weeks Santa will be squeezing down the chimney and leaving toys for all the good little girls and boys around the world.  I have to tell you, the thought of Christmas being […]

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Carla The Joy of Learning – Imaginative Play

When a baby is first born, they are intrigued and entertained by simple things, their hands, lights, and maybe a tag on a blanket.  Slowly they learn more about the world around them and their toes are incredibly amazing.  They move onto simple things like rattles, blocks, plastic books and anything else they find on the floor […]

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Carla Fisher-Price Programs Aboard the Allure of the Seas

I’m constantly amazed by the programs that Fisher-Price has in place for traveling families. I mean, we all love the products for the home, yet who knew that they worked so extensivly with their partners, to ensure that the familiar, entertaining and educational toys are avaiable when your family is on the move. And when […]

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Carla I Can See Him Learning

I remember back when my eldest son was little.  I actually tend to laugh at myself a little bit…how much I worried over him.  Was he meeting his milestones?  Could he say enough words for 2, for 3?  How often I sat reading books on development is frightening…I could have spent that time playing with […]

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Carla Cruising with kids on the Allure of the Seas

Fisher-Price knows families, and they have taken that knowledge to a new level by partnering with some amazing companies, including Royal Caribbean International. We were recently lucky enough to travel with our whole family on Royal Caribbean’s flagship Allure of the Seas to see the Fisher-Price/Royal Caribbean partnership in action. It was, in a word, […]

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