When to Contact Employment Lawyers

Both employees and employers can benefit greatly from consulting with employment lawyers. These solicitors specialise in employment law and can provide immensely valuable advice. If you’re in one of these situations, you should seek out employment law advice from an experienced professional.

1. You’re Thinking About Bringing a Claim to the Employment Tribunal

If you’re considering bringing a claim to the employment tribunal for any reason, you’ll want to make sure you have representation. It’s worthwhile to speak to a solicitor even if you haven’t decided that you want to move forward with filing a claim. From unfair dismissal to discrimination claims, having representation will increase your chances of seeing satisfactory results.

It’s also valuable to seek representation if you’re thinking about bringing a claim to the high court. This isn’t something that you should try to do on your own. You’ll want to have the guidance and support of a lawyer that is focused on employment law.

2. You Need Input On an Employment Contract

If you’ve been asked to sign an employment contract, or if you’ve drawn up a contract that you want to have employees sign, it’s best to have a solicitor look it over. An expert will be able to identify any issues with the contract and find an effective solution.

Contracts are legally binding documents, which is why you should always approach them with caution. If necessary, an attorney can create a contract on your behalf.

3. You’re Negotiating a Settlement Agreement

If you’re exiting a position, and you’re being offered some sort of settlement, you shouldn’t necessarily handle negotiations on your own. It’s far more likely that your negotiations will be successful if you have a professional advocating on your behalf.

An employment lawyer can look at what you’re being offered and determine if you should ask for more. A solicitor may also be able to identify additional claims that you might have, leading to a better settlement for you.

4. You Need Advice On Basic Procedures

Consulting with employment lawyers can give you the insight you need when it comes to procedures like maternity and paternity leave, employment bonuses, performance management, data protection, and other factors. With the assistance of a legal expert, you’ll be able to establish guidelines and find the appropriate way to handle these procedures.

It’s best to seek input on employment law as needed, especially if you’re an employer. Consulting with a professional could help you to avoid issues in the future. Visit www.levittllp.com if you want to find more resources and information.